Monday, August 6, 2012

2013 Juror Announced, building specifications

Dogwood Arts is pleased to announce the juror for our 
2013 Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit :
David J. Reyes

David J. Reyes, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, has served at the Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, AL, since 1994. Prior to 2004 he was Exhibition Coordinator and Registrar for the museum. He was formerly Curatorial Assistant at the Rockford Art Museum in Rockford, IL. Mr. Reyes has worked on over 100 major exhibitions at the Huntsville Museum of Art, including the prestigious Red Clay Survey, a recurring juried exhibition of contemporary art with more than 1,200 applicants from the Southeast region. In addition, Mr. Reyes has juried numerous regional independent art competitions.

Mr. Reyes received his B.F.A. from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in Milwaukee, WI.

Mr. Reyes is also a practicing artist working in wood and metal. He was awarded Best in 3-D at the Appalachian Corridors exhibition at the Avampato Discovery Museum in Charleston, WV in 2003, and was included in the 34th Annual Toys Designed by Artists juried exhibition at the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock, AR. His most recent one-man exhibit, “Conflict Resolution” was shown at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment, Huntsville, AL.
Online Submission will begin in Fall, 2012, with a submission deadline of Thurs. Feb. 21st.
Building Specifications:

2013 Emporium Center for the Arts/100 Gay Street:
Site information for large scale work, 3D, and installation work.
In the floor plan of the lower gallery, there are 2 good installation areas: 1. The far end under the windows
2. The exact opposite end, behind "glass wall". This area is actually under the sidewalk, and is enclosed. It is like a zoo enclosure- visitors can't go back there, just look through the glass, and when it rains, it can drip, so only work that can handle moisture works out here. There is lighting.
The daylight filters down through the glass bricks during the day. Spots are placed according to need. The beam is useful for rigging support lines, though nothing that adds any significant stress.
 2012 installation under sidewalk, by Sher Fick: "Love, Honor, and "Obey?" fiber and mixed media

The upper gallery is visible from the lower though open staircase treads and balcony railings. Hanging 3D work can be installed dropping down through either side of the staircase. The horizontal white lines in the photos show where support beams or tension wires can be strung, and the vertical white lines show the drop area. Ideally, hanging work in this area should be fairly lightweight.
The Balcony itself is around 1,800 sq. feet, and has 5 movable 8' x 8' walls that can be configured for just about anything. The front of the Balcony is railings, and looks out into the street though huge windows, one side is partially open to the staircase and lower floor, and the rest is solid wall area except for one entrance door.
Online submittal for the exhibit is located at

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