Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit: 2011

The 2011 Dogwood Regional Fine Art exhibit was held this year at Bennett Galleries, Knoxville's finest gallery, housed in a vintage movie theater at 5308 Kingston Pike. Our juror was Virginia Derryberry, chair of the art department at the University of North Carolina/Asheville.

The Regional is greatful for the generous sponsorship of Bennett Galleries & Company, Clayton Bank & Trust, Sylvia Peters, President, Legacy Works, the UT Culinary Institute, and ORNL Federal Credit Union

Out of 417 submissions from 155 artists in 9 states, Derryberry chose 50 pieces from 43 artists from 7 states. They ranged from environmental conceptual sculpture to fresco.

Main entrance to the gallery space. Nashville photographer Laura Young's 12 panel "Me, Myself, and I" is on the entrace wall. the large red fiber sculpture in the background is from South Carolina artist Amanda Ladymon, the two sculpture in the foreground are by Samuel Davis

"Window seat, No Charge for Baggage", by Anne Kinggard, who retired last year from her seat as the chair of the art department at Pellissippi State.

One wall of the 1st gallery area. From left, work by Jeffery Stoner, Julie Jack (on pedistal), Alison Oakes, Robert Sulkin, Ian Haggerty, T. Michael Martin, Melissa G. Johnson, Jason Sabbides, and Bobbie Crews.

Mike Nicholes, Chris McAdoo, David Underwood

Two hand embroidery on found illustrations by Nick DeFord

Scott Palmer, Evamarie Pappas, Cynthia Cusick (foreground), and Gary Oglander

A long view of the back gallery space

Kathy Collier, a Paul Menchhofer raku, Barbara Nerentz-Kelley, Rick Alexander, Sharyn Bachleda

Another Sharyn Bachleda, 2 Nicolas Bells, Richard Whitehead, BarryMcManus. Jerry Spady wood sculpture on the pedistal.

Travis Graves in center, rear, l-r, Lisa Lindamood, Jan Kransberger, Barbara Nerenz-Kelley, Jim Toub, Leslie Nichols, and two Beauvais Lyons lithographs

Beauvais's lithographs again, Margaret Luttrell, Diane Fox, Stephan T. Brayfield, and Roy McCullough


The reception was well attended in it's new location, with a strong presence from the Museum, University, and area artist and arts community.

A demonstration of "How not to leave your wine glass on a sculpture pedistal"

The reception food for the evening was put on the the University of Tennessee Culinary Institute

$2,000. 1st Award: Beauvais Lyons

Female North American Racoon Crow/lithograph

Genesis 6:19/lithograph

$1,000. 2nd Award: Laura Young

"Me, Myself, and I" /photography

$500. 3rd Award: Samuel Davis

"Sport"/ Porcelain and mixed media

$250. Merit Award: Bain Butcher

"Yellow Number 4" /oil on linen

$250. Merit Award: Stan Fronczek

"Box Table #1/bubinga and holly

Random additional work that was hard to see in the gallery shots

Cynthia Cusick, "The Co-Dependant Seeker" /stoneware, porcelain, glaze

David Underwood, "Spruce Tree House, Colorado #3, silver gelatin photograph, mixed media

Alison Oakes, "Shield" oil on porcelain

Jason Sabbides, "Flying Machine 23.5"/intaglio, oil

Jan Kransberger, "Tempt Not"/ kiln cart glass, sterling silver

Leslie Nichols, "Beauty of the Mind"/oil based ink, graphite on paper

Mike Nichols, "Michelle Affresco", "buon" fresco

Robert Sulkin. "Composition #222"/photography

T. Michael Martin, "What Makes Me Me (Self-Portrait)" acrylic, oil, enamel and glitter

Jim Toub, "Lost Cities #2"/pen and ink

An exhibit tour and lecture for the Guild of the Knoxville Museum of Fine Art was given mid-month by exhibit chair Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Bennett Galleries continuing Collectors Lecture Series, by Mary Morris, formally of Marlborough Gallery/NYC, archives manager, and Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller Gallery, NYC, Director, was also held in the space

Complete list of participating artists


Rick Alexander
Sharyn Bachleda
Nicolas Bell
Stephen Brayfield
Bain Butcher
Kathy Collier
Bobbi Crews
Cynthia Cusick
Samuel Davis
Nick DeFord
Diane Fox
Stan Fronczek
Travis Graves
Ian Haggerty
Julie Jack
Melissa Johnson
Anne Kinggard
Jan Kransberger
Amanda Ladymon
Lisa Lindamood
Margaret Luttrell
Beauvais Lyons
T. Michael Martin
Chris McAdoo
Erin McClanahan
Roy McCullough
Barry McManus
Paul Menchhofer
Barbara Nerenz-Kelley
Leslie Nichols
Mike Nichols
Alison Oakes
Gary Oglander
Scott Palmer
Evamarie Pappas
Jason Sabbides
Jerry Spady
Jeffrey Stoner
Robert Sulkin
Jim Toub
David Underwood
Richard Whitehead
Laura Young