Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Co-Chairs for Dogwood Regional Fine Arts Exhibit

After 5 years chairing the Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit, I stepped down from the position this May. My own exhibit scheduling conflicts and a new part time teaching position had reached the point where I had to unfortunately limit the hours I was able to devote to volunteer positions.

I'm really excited about the two woman who are replacing me! Kelly Hider is a friend, amazing artist, and a past Dogwood Regional award winner (2013). To find out more about her, go to
Her Co-Chair is local Culinary Entrepreneur Dale Mackey of Dales Fried Pies:
Please give them all your support!

This year's juror is:
Julie Levin Caro is an art historian and curator specializing in African American art and material culture as well as American and European modernism and garden history. She has served at numerous museums since 1992 including the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, TX, the Frye Art Museum in Seattle, WA, and the Colby Museum of Art in Waterville, ME. One of her most recent curatorial projects was displayed at the Colby College Museum of Art in the spring of 2010 and was entitled “Freedom of Expression: Politics and Aesthetics in African American Art.” She boasts an extensive list of publications and scholarly presentations, and has been awarded numerous awards and fellowships. Ms. Levin Caro received her Ph.D. in art history from the University of Texas at Austin.
Ms. Levin Caro is also a professor and has lectured at a number of academic conferences as well as museums. She recently lectured at an international symposium in Berlin, Germany, and is presently a professor at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. Moreover, she actively publishes on numerous African American artists and designed landscapes. She is currently working on a book project: “The Imaginary Studio: The Self-fashioning of Artistic and Social Identity in the Studios of Thomas Cole, Allan Rohan Crite and Winold Reiss.”

Other new changes this year are a much earlier deadline that will no longer conflict with the heavy work load the office staff has to contend with in late February when they put on the Dogwood House and Garder Show at the Knoxville Convention Center, so take note of the new deadline, Jan. 17, 2014, and as always, you may submit to the exhibit any time now online at:

This blog is a construct of my own, and will be left for the documentation of the earlier exhibits I chaired, but will no longer be a source of updated information after this date. Thank You to all the wonderful artists and jurors who have worked with me these past five years to make the Dogwood Regional an exceptional event !
Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Monday, June 3, 2013

Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit. 2013

 The 2013 Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit
Emporium Center, 100 Gay Street
Knoxville, TN 
Presented by Dogwood Arts
chair: Denise Stewart-Sanabria
 This year we had 86 works by 69 artists from 7 states juried in from a total of 495 submissions from 187 artists in the 9 states that are within our 300 miles regional radius. Next year, Dogwood will accept submissions from all of Tennessee, in addition to the usual 300 mile radius. Our juror this year was David Reyes, curator at the Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, Alabama.
Opening night was filled to capacity. We generally get over 3,000 people over the course of the 4 hour reception.
central view of main Balcony area: Leslie Nichols, Jennifer Guen Montomery, Gregg Sand, Michael Nichols, Hali Maltsberger, Jess Wathen, Robert Cox, Sarah Simpkins, Robert Turner
Balcony angle: Kathy Holland, Mark Schoon, Joyce Gralak, Eleanor Aldrich, Heather Casteel, Jeremy Jones(forground)
Balcony angle: April Flanders
Balcony angle: Heather Casteel, Jeremy Jones
Balcony detail: Robert Cox (2), Sarah Simpkins, Richard Turner
Balcony detail: Gregg Sand, Michael Nichols (2)
Balcony detail: Jess Wathen, Robert Cox (2)
Balcony detail: Leslie Nichols, Jennifer Guen Montgomery
from rear of Balcony: Daniel Kaufman, Kelly Hider
Back section of Balcony: Randy L Purcell, Saralyn Rollins, Kyungmin Park, Sher Fick
back section of Balcony: Sher Fick, Diane Fox, Susie Garrett
Balcony front: Travis Graves, Brandon Douglas, Perry Johnson, Rick Alexander
Balcony front: DK Cumming, Stephanie Woods on end cap
Balcony stairs area: Brian Wagner, Neely Hyde
Balcony stairs area: Neely Hyde
Entrance display case, street side: Jessica Bedsoe, Kyungmin Park, Sally Govan
Entrance display case, back side: Danielle Winger, Clark Stewart (3) , Nick DeFord
Entrance display case, side 1:Pat Clapsaddle, Thomas Shaw, Cynthia Cusick
Entrance display case, side2: Lara Durin, Lauren Hulse
looking down on lower gallery
lower gallery, looking though a David Marquez bronze
4D pice by Michell Williamson, Raluca Iancu woodcut
Seth Havercamp, Christopher Scott
three Andrew Merriss paintings on paper, Marvin Tadlock sculpture
Roy McCullough
Deeann Rieves,  Jim Jobe (2)
John Maggio, Jonathon Hash
Benjamin Eng
J Austin Jennings, Mira Gerard, Yvonne Hosey
David Harmon
Marcia Athens, Barbara Stokes
Shadow May, Dan Thurman(bottom), Julie Miles (top), Chris McAdoo
James Owens, David Underwood
Raluca Iancu, Michell Williamson, Michael Aaron Williams, Michell Williamson

 Award Winners

1st award: Kyungmin Park/ What Happened to the Rabbit? ceramic
2nd award: Jim Jobe/ Heir to Allegory acrylic on canvas
3rd award: Kelly Hider Parlor Tricks Inkjet on Sintra,rhinestones
Honorable Mention: Clark Stewart Automata Alpha wood, paint, aluminum
Honorable mention: Robert Cox Geomany ll graphite on file, watercolor on paper
Fast Frames Awards
1st: Andrew Merris Chestnut with Wafer Cookies oil on paper
2nd: Neely Hyde: Cassie lightjet print
3rd: Kathy Holland Self Portrait While Congested  colored pencil

Momentum Dance Lab

This year, we engaged in a collaboration with both Momentum Dance Lab and composers Guille Dorado, Josh Hobbs, Laith Keilany, Mike Murphy, and Rachel Schlafer-Parton. They chose 7 individual pieces from the exhibit to compose original music to, and original choreography. They presented two performances to packed houses during the course of the exhibit. The chosen works are shown below, with three shots of the dance performances.
Steve Zigler  Andromeda Rising photograph mounted on plexiglass

David Harman Lessing  oil on canvas

Jessica Bledsoe The Aging Process  ink on watercolor paper

April Flanders Spread by Birds cut and stained paper, screen prints

Heather Casteel Targets, Overlapped  gel pen on paper

Jeremy Jones  I See Myself Floating  body castings, plaster, fiberglass, polyester resin, enamel, welded steel, nylon & tar

Julie Miles Adrift  acrylic on wood panel

Momentum Dance Lab performers

2013 Participating Artists:

Eleanor Aldrich
Rick Alexander
Marcia Athens
Jessica Bledsoe
Heather Casteel
Pat Clapsaddle
Robert Cox
DK Cumming
Cynthia Cusick
Nick DeFord
Brandon Douglas
Lara Durn
Benjamin Eng
Sher Fick
April Flanders
Diane Fox
Susie Garrett
Mira Gerard
Sally Goven
Joyce Gralak
Travis Graves
David Harman
Jonathan Hash
Seth Havercamp
Kelly Hider
Kathy Holland
Yvonne Hosey
Lauren Hulse
Neely Hyde
Raluca Iancu
J. Austin Jennings
Jim Jobe
Perry Johnson
Daniel Kaufman
John Maggio
Hali Maltsberger
David Marquez
Shadow May
Chris McAdoo
Roy McCullough
Andrew Merriss
Julie Miles
Jennifer Guen Montgomery
Leslie Nichols
Michael Nichols
James Owen
Kyungmin Park
Randy L Purcell
Deeann Rieves
Saralynn Rollins
Greg Sand
Mark Schoon
Christopher Scott
Thomas Shaw
Sarah Simkins
Clark Stewart
Barbara Stokes
Marvin Tadlock
Dan Thurman
Richard Turner
David Underwood
Brian Wagner
Jess Wathen
Michael Aaron Williams
Michell Williamson
Daniel Winger
Stephanie Woods
Steve Zigler
This exhibit was made possible due our sponsors Cope Architecture of Knoxville/Nashville, and ORNL Federal Credit Union.
Thanks! Denise Stewart-Sanabria, chairperson