Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dogwood Regional Fine Art Exhibit 2012: Opening Night

This is the first of two blogs on the 2012 Dogwood Regional. The in-depth one will be posted at the close of the exhibit.
The Dogwood Regional is just one of several of the organizations exhibits. I'm going to also show some photos from the Dogwood Nexus,a small sculpture exhibit, being held for 2 weeks next door at the University of Tennessee Downtown Gallery next door to the Regional. It is an international small sculpture exhibit. But first, I know. You want to know who won the awards at Regional.

1st Award:  $2,000: Mindy Herrin of  TN for "Nest", sculpture
2nd Award: $1,000: Eum Younseal 0f VA for "Together Forever", kinetic
                                motorized sculpture
3rd Award:  $500:   Alison Oakes of TN for "Squeeze", oil on porcelain
Merit           $250:   Chery Cratty of TN for Hydrangia Border",
                               archival, artist-made pigmented plant fiber pulp, applied
                               with a porcupine quill.
Merit           $250:   Diane Fox of TN for "Penguin's Egg", photography
FASTFRAME Award: $500: Elizabeth Porter of TN for "Life Support",
                                            pen on bristol board

Nexus was juried by Savannah College of Art and Design professor Allen Peterson, with Knoxville artist and Pellissippi State professor Brian Jobe acting as the Nexus exhibition committee chair. It was an international exhibit.
Marie Herrbach, who came from France to exhibit with Nexus, and who was my installation partner for Regional, talks to local artist Eric Sublett. In the foreground: Quintin Owens“Protective Coloring”Cast terra cotta logs, terra cotta birds, crushed terra cotta, Merit prize; in the back: Cindy Billingsley“Shell of Self” Clay
Michael Barron Hall“Unemployed/Freedom”Ceramic and wood

Robmat Butler“Untitled”Wood and enamel

John Cichon“Ze Monsta”Sculpture made from beer cans and cardboard_ Merit prize

1st prize: The Truing Corset by Jennifer Rubin

Marie Herrbach“How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down”Fabric and other materials 2nd prize

The Regional
We had a crowd which I believed topped 2,000 in the course of the 4 hours of the opening reception on Friday, April 6. We had the University of Tennessee Culinary Institute lavishly cater the event, but such were the crowds that the food eventually disappeared.
Three staff members lining up stuffed cucumber rolls
We had the aerial dancers from neighboring URBHana come to perform, and they were amazing as always
WBIR TV news positions their camera
The Emporium is a massive space in an old, renovated building, and the galleries cover two floors, and an installation space under the sidewalk. Upstairs in the Balcony. Mindy Herrin's small sculpture "Nest", is hanging from the end cap to the left of center crowd. 
 Local art consultant  Mary Morris watched Eum Younseal operate "Lure"
artist Gary Monroe speaks to juror Terri Jordan, curator of the Customs House Museum of Clarksville, Tennessee
 Unicorns like carrots.
Gallery visitors watch Eum Younseal's "Together Forever" run it's gears and wave it's upper sections.
Erin Slocum of Dogwood spots the camera. So many people. That needs to go on Facebook to get tagged.
 Nathaniel Galka, camera ham.
Kids loved the trapeze.
Downstairs just before the crowd peaked.

The exhibit will be open weekdays 10-5 until April 27th.
All of the work that is for sale from all of Dogwoods exhibits can be purchased online at under "shop", and will be available for pick up directly after the exhibit closes, or arrangements can be made for shipping.


  1. NEXUS 2012 award winners:

    1st: The Truing Corset by Jennifer Rubin
    2nd: How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down by Marie Herrbach
    Merit Prize: Protective Coloring by Quintin Owens
    Merit Prize: Ze Monsta by John Cichon